Still Need Help?

We value each of our customers and we strive to provide a warm and comfortable experience for all. If you are looking for technical support or if you simply wish to know more about how you can get started, check out our FAQ section. Can’t find an answer there, feel free to contact us any time.

If you own Tizen TVs or webOS and you have multicast streams, the HTTP to UDP function must be switched on in the app’s settings and router setup.

Ensure your playlist functions on your computer using VLC player or on an IPTV Player on any other device like mobile phones.

Requesting technical support or account activation through a ticket will get a response within 1 to 2 hours. However, we strive to respond within an hour of getting any ticket. Note: the response time can be as long as 24 hours during peak times.

Various devices are supported by us, including Smart TV, Kodi, VLC, PC, Vu+, DreamBox, Enigma, Android Boxes, Android Smart Phones, Firestick, Mag box…etc.

Updated H264 technologies are used for our IPTV streams, giving users the highest quality and compression settings available. The sizes of IPTV streams are approximately 8 Mbit. When channels are changed, the H264 protocol might be moderately higher. As such, a 16 Mbit internet connection is the minimum speed required (for HD channels, at least 30 Mbit is needed).

Basically, there are three requirements

1- Buy IPTV subscription from HERE

2- Get a device that supports IPTV service.

3- You need an IPTV App that works on your device, it’s worth to mention that the app is just a player which works as mediator between the device and the subscription link.

Please pay attention that 1 subscription can be used on multiple devices but you can watch only on 1 device at the same time. You can order a new line for the second connection, third…etc. Each additional line gets 15% off (contact us for this matter) except the first line which will always be with regular price.

Yes, it’s safe to use VPN with IPTV, in fact, it’s highly recommended to do so.

As mentioned above, some Internet service providers don’t allow the IPTV connection, through using VPN you will overcome this issue.

This means your internet provider is throttling or blocking your connection. Many internet service providers in UK (sometimes from other countries too) are having this issue and the only solution for this is to use a VPN.

Yes, We offer a reseller plan at the best price. Click here to check our reseller plans

If the link is not working, always check the link on different devices. If it works it means that there is something wrong on your end. When typing in your M3U link make sure you are not entering any space and you are not using your M3U link on other devices.

Contact us or create a support ticket if the link does not work on other devices after troubleshooting.

Subscription starting to be active from the moment you will receive your activation credentials in your e-mail.

First, please check your network connection, reboot your router and device, and then try again. Secondly, if your network connection has no problem, please check whether your account is used on other devices. as you can watch on only 1 device at the same time.

We activate all new accounts in 30 minutes to 8 hours hours after the invoice is paid.

If you are using a set-top box such as MAG or AVOV and have just set up your device with our service, you will need to perform a hard reset of your device. Simply power off your device, unplug your power cable and re-plug it in.
For Kodi, you will need to clear your cache. If unsuccessful, attempt a re-install of Kodi itself.

* Did you give us the correct MAC address?
* Is your Internet speed at the recommended minimum— 8 Mbps for HD channels—or higher?
* Is your device wired in (Ethernet) or is it connected wirelessly (WiFi or mobile data)? Ethernet will always be faster and more stable; use Ethernet, if you can.
* Are your device’s specs powerful enough to effortlessly handle live HD streaming?
* If you’re using an STB emulator did you follow the steps in our guide to Setup Android STB Emulator?
* If you’re using an STB emulator have you tried wiping your app’s cache then restarting your device?
* If you’re using a MAG box have you tried restarting your device?
* If you’re using an Android device/MAG box have you tried logging out then factory resetting your device?
* Have you double-checked the server portals we sent you in the activation e-mail?
**For MAG box, we recommend newer versions like 424w3 and 524w3 as they have more memory to handle our channels and VOD. Mag 322 and older won’t work unless you remove some countries you don’t watch from live tv and VOD.
Let us know how it goes from here so we can provide other troubleshooting steps you can try.